Traceability & affordability

We received an enquiry requesting improved Stock Control to Sage 50; traceability of completed parts was of particular importance. The customer had previously examined other third party applications including Sage 200. However, although the customer felt that Sage 200 would provide the solution, the cost was simply outside of their budget.

Sage 50 Batch Controller was also discussed and demonstrated as an option, however to achieve improved Stock Control and Traceability within Sage 50 Batch Controller the customer would be required to use the Stock, Traceability and Delivery Notes modules within Sage 50 Batch Controller.

Traceability & affordability

Cim50 was therefore the obvious solution. The Cim50 Stock Module has been designed to not only extend the Product Information within Sage 50, but also includes Traceability, Received Goods, Stock Adjustments and Delivery Note; all the elements the client needed.

As Cim50 can be purchase by the module, this made the software far easier to implement and reduced the cost hugely. The stock module within Cim50 is just £1,000 plus £100 for each additional user, much less cost than Sage 50 Batch Controller, and a fraction of Sage 200.

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