CDK Engineering Services Ltd started in 2007. Since this date the company has moved twice to provide the space required to supply PTFE Seals, Spring Energised Seals, rubber mouldings and hydraulic seals to industry.

In addition to ensuring the right premises, equipment, staff and training are in place, Managing Director David Paget has always known the importance of utilising the right software to help the business.

Long-time users of Sage 50 Accounts, CDK employed Red Business System to implement Sage 50 Batch Controller in September 2012. Since this time Red Business Systems have had a very close relationship with David Paget and the team at CDK.

By using the Bills of Materials, Planning and Works Orders, CDK were able to gain improved Production Control, Material Requirement Planning, and to create Production Documentation to assist them to maintain exacting quality standards.

David is always keen to improve the processes and to increase productivity within CDK. So, having fully utilised the functionality of Sage 50 Batch Controller, David was were keen to upgrade to Sage 50 Manufacturing; of importance to David was the ability to enter actual operation times to monitor costs and Capacity Planning.

When discussing the requirements Red Business advised that an alternative solution, Cim50, was available and this should be considered.

Demonstrations of both Sage 50 Manufacturing and Cim50 were performed. It quickly became apparent that in addition to allowing Actual Operation Times and Rough Cut Capacity Planning, Cim50 had many other improvements over the Sage 50 Manufacturing range. Of importance to CDK these included:

The extended information fields available on stock records
The ability to have Non-Traceable, Batch Traceable, and Serial Number Traceable items
The simultaneous Trial Kit of Multiple Works Orders
The knowledge that the system will continue to be support and the planned release of the Shop Floor Data Capture module

The Demonstration

The demonstration was arranged. As CDK already utilised Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Batch Controller, a back-up of the live data could be taken and migrated to Cim50, allowing CDK to view their data in the Cim50 environment. Users could see the similar layout of Cim50 to Sage 50 Batch Controller, in addition to the new fields and functionality.

From the demonstration David could easily see the improvements Cim50 has over Sage 50 Batch Controller.

The Implementation

By making use of an additional Sage 50 Company, the Cim50 software could be installed alongside the existing Software. This has many advantages including;

Allows users of the software to have access to the data and software
Allows the software to be tested in the environment it will be used
Allows any bespoke reports and layouts to be created and tested
Allows multiple testing of the Data migration from Sage 50 Batch Controller to Cim50
Allows training to be performed on the user’s data

Go Live

Once the testing and training had been completed, the decision to go live was taken. As the software and bespoke reports were already installed, once the live data migration to Cim50 had taken place, CDK were live using Cim50.

Ongoing Support

Red Business Systems have continued to support CDK as Cim50 is continues to be integrated within CDK Engineering Ltd and the new modules implemented.